Synod Feedback | Report

In publishing this report on the SYNODAL PATHWAY process that took place in our parish, I wish to say thanks to those who attended the Parish Meetings in Malahide Rugby Club on Thursday 7th April and on Thursday 21st April. The report is made up of their reflections to the questions posed as part of the process.

I am especially grateful to Bernie Murphy and Ronan Ormsby for the time they gave to steering the process, facilitating the open meetings and then collating the feedback to present in the standard format as seen in this report. My thanks as well to the Committee and staff of Malahide Rugby Club for their facilitating us in the use of their function room and for their assistance and hospitality on the meeting nights.

This report has been sent to the Archbishop and the Diocesan Synodal Committee. It will form part of an overall report which will be submitted to the Bishops of Ireland at their June Meeting in Maynooth. The National Report from all Diocese of the country will be sent to Pope Francis as preparatory Work for a Major Synod of the Catholic Church which will take place at the Vatican in October 2023.

My renewed thanks to all involved in the process.

Fr. Martin Noone

Parish Priest